List of Open Source Software which can be built on Fugaku

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Spack will be used to manage open source software packages on Fugaku. Fugaku users can easily use pre-installed packages and built packages based on Spack recipes. The following list shows the results of building/compiling packages for aarch64 according to the Spack recipes. Note that the results in this list do not guarantee that each package will work properly. On the other hand, Fujitsu will provide the following packages compiled with Fujitsu compiler on Fugaku as "external" packages, of which Spack can be aware.
  • OpenJDK 11
  • Ruby 2.6.5 or later
  • Python2 2.7.15
  • Python3 3.6.8
  • Numpy 1.14.3
  • SciPy 1.0.0
  • Eclipse IDE 2019-09 R Packages
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ScaLAPACK is a library of high-performance linear algebra routines for
parallel distributed memory machines. It depends on external libraries
including BLAS and LAPACK for Linear Algebra computations. AMD's
optimized version of ScaLAPACK enables using BLIS and LibFLAME library
that have optimized dense matrix functions and solvers for AMD EPYC
processor family CPUs. LICENSING INFORMATION: By downloading, installing
and using this software, you agree to the terms and conditions of the
AMD AOCL-ScaLAPACK license agreement. You may obtain a copy of this
license agreement from


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